Input Data Module

The number of columns, data format and the units of the various weather parameters required for the input file are shown in the table below.
SNOW BUDDY Input data file: format, columns, and units for input and user calibration data (UCD)
Columns DATE TEMP TOTP UCD (max. 3 columns)
Units yyyy-mm-dd °C mm user choice
Values eg. 2021-12-24 -70 to 50 0 to 1800 user choice

  • Required data:
    DATE - use yyyy-mm-dd format;
    TEMP - average daily air temperature [°C];
    TOTP - daily total precipitation [mm];
  • Optional data:
    UCD - user calibration data (up to three columns; leave blank if no data is available)

  • The tool requires daily data
  • The user input data file has to be uploaded using a file with 1 column dedicated to calendar date, 2 columns dedicated to required input data (TEMP, TOTP) and 3 columns reserved for optional user calibration data (UCD1 to UCD3)
  • Use the first row of the data set for column headings
  • SNOWFALL BUDDY includes several input data integrity and quality check routines; however, the user is advised to thoroughly check the input dataset before uploading it to the tool to minimize the risk for erroneous output

Consult section 3.1. and section 3.3. for more details.